Saudi Foreign Ministry puts security system to protection of 119 diplomatic mission

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – The newspaper “Ahayat” said that Saudi Foreign Ministry confirmed that it has developed a security system to protect the 119 Saudi diplomatic mission, spread over continents of the world, pointing out that they were prepared «strategies and operational mechanisms, consisting of plans and programs of awareness of security, to provide protection for missions», warning Saudi diplomats from «not care» security.

«Alhayat» learned that security experts Saudis are reviewing the protection missions and diplomats plans, especially in countries classified as «unsafe», including the Arab countries witnessing is or perimeter security and political tensions, and other countries experiencing stable security, but the possibility of attack on Saudi diplomats where resources, especially labor-exporting countries, while preparing the State Department in the coming days to the opening of the Saudi embassy in Baghdad, in addition to the consulate in Erbil.

«Alhayat» learned that the ministry has developed several security plans to protect the embassy and consulate, and take into account the security conditions taking place in Iraq.It is noteworthy that the Saudi intelligence agency carried out the quality for the Liberation of the Saudi consul in Aden Abdullah al-Khalidi, who was kidnapped on March 28, 2012, after nearly three years of his abduction, a process that is still a lot of experts and security men PRAISE where and await the release of details

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