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Saudi funded Islamic University Islamabad observes Israel’s cultural day

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

Israeli culture day has been observed by one of the Saudi funded University of Islamabad. The purpose to observe this day is to promote the Israeli culture. However several questions have been raised for this act. Moharram ul Haram is the first month of Islamic calendar and what is the logic behind celebrating Israel’s cultural day in the beginning of this very month. Meanwhile Pakistan has not accepted Israel as a country. Therefore there are severe concerns among Pakistani citizens for observing this day.

It should be mentioned that Saudi is brainchild of Israel and working for the Zionist’s interest in the region. Israel carried out brutal massacre in Palestine but Saudi Government did not utter a single world however Pakistan never accepted Israel and raised voice for the rights of Palestinians. However Pro-Saudi’s Nawaz Government hurt sentiments of Muslim Ummah by allowing university students to observer Israeli Culture day.

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