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Saudi prince accuses former head of the Royal Court of stealing “thousands of billions” and demanded his trial

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Saudi Prince Saud al-Seif accused former head of the Royal Court Khaled Tuwaijri of stealing thousands of billions during his tenure, and demanding his trial to know where did he spend the money . Khaled Al-Tuwaijri, who took over the presidency of the Royal Court during the reign of King Abdullah, which lasted about ten years ago and has had a wide influence, was sacked by the new Saudi monarch Salman after his arrival to the throne in 22 last January.

Seif al-Nasr said on his account in Twitter yesterday, “simple calculation, the  disappearance from the oil income at the time of his authority (Khalid Tuwaijri) over several trillion and result vanished trillions with him and where people lived between poverty and debt,” he said, adding, “Therefore I repeat my claim to all whom benefited from the corruption that is created and track their assets and property at home and abroad and returned to the state treasury. “

Often princes attacked publicly and privately Khaled Tuwaijri during his term of office and stirred him some preachers to attack him as “a symbol of corruption and alienation in the country.”

Observers believe that the attack on Tuwaijri was because of his wide influence, because he was considered the de facto ruler of the country, taking advantage of the late King confidence, adding that after he took office as President of the Court in 2005,he reduce many of the features that was obtained by the princes of the royal court.

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