Date :Thursday, March 24th, 2016 | Time : 02:36 |ID: 31117 | Print

Saudi regime bans praying at Ar-Rasoul Aazam mosque in Ahsaa

SHAFAQNA- The Saudi regime authorities on Wednesdaycut off the power supply for Ar-Rasoul Aazam Mosque which lies in Omran province in Ahsa, preventing the worshippers from praying at it.

The move came two days after the Saudi authorities arrested Sheikh Hussein Al-Radhi in Rmaile village in Ahsaa in eastern KSA.

The Saudi authorities had banned Sheikh Al-Radhi from leading prayers, what pushed him to escalate his stances against the regime oppression.

Sheikh Radhi’s son who has been leading prayers at the mosque after his father’s arrest was summoned to attend a probe session before the Criminal Investigation on Thursday.

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