Saudi Shia take streets to solidarity with Ayatollah Al-Nemer

SHAFAQNA –  Residents of Al-Awamiyah will take to the streets today afternoon to express their solidarity with Ayatollah Nemer Baqar Al-Nemer. Saudi Arabian activists such as Shabab Al-Ahrar announced that there will be a demonstration against death sentence to Ayatollah Al-Nemer in Al-Awamiyah, in the Al-Qatif region in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The slogan is “Ayatollah Al-Nemer is in danger”. Saudi Arabian people aim to ask the release of Ayatollah Al-Nemer, Shiite cleric, from Saudi jail. In a political decision, Saudi Arabia’s judiciary sentenced Ayatollah Sheikh Nemer Baqar Al-Nemer to death. This verdict was met with strong international and domestic protests.

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