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Saudi :verbally abusive to the Islamic head of bodies after the prayer

SHAFAQNA(Exclusive) – These days in Saudi Arabia calls increasing and the need to reform the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, in light of the growing corruption of its members and accusing them of repeated authoritarianism and abuse on people to segments of society.official media facing a criticize with wide range of members of the body are associated, with other campaigns on social networking sites calling on the government to develop the body and rein in some of its radical men, which has been increasing with the emerge the charge against the President of the Authority Abdullatif Al-Sheikh in corruption as he take advantage of his position.

In the event reflects the nature of what is happening inside the body of the disorder, baptized a member of field workers in the form of Riyadh, to the harsh attack on the head of the Al-Sheikh, and inside the mosque.Followers, believe that this method offensive and punctuated by words harsh on Al-Sheikh did not come from background , where the information refers to attacking verbal came after a speech Sheikh told worshipers, and ensure that the contents stirred provocation with a member of the body and made it rushes towards Al-Sheikh and throws him a barrage of insults.


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