“Saudi war against Yemen is to secure Zionist regime”: Ayatollah Hamedani


SHAFAQNA – Grand Ayatollah Hussein Noori Hamedani, top Iranian jurisprudent, in a meeting with members of Ansar Gurad Corps said the war between the right and the wrong is a non-ending conflict and the oppressors will never accept peace for the believers. He said,” The supporters of domineering powers are sick with greed and pride and that is the reason they find revolutionary and liberal people as a hurdle trying to uproot them.” Ayatollah Noori Hamedani referred to the historical opposition of the arrogant powers with prophets comparing that to opposition of the western countries with Islam and Muslim figures.

Top Shia jurisprudent warned against the efforts of the enemies to uproot Muslims by Muslims and noted,” Enemies in their new plot sparked a war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen and their target is to guarantee the security of the Zionist regime and the US since with fratricide by Muslims there will be no space for their fight with the Zionist regime of Israel and arrogant powers.” Iranian scholar stressed the importance of boosting solidarity among Muslims demanding all Muslims to unite and use their power to confront with the enemies.

Source : Shiitenews


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