Saudi warplanes destroy Yemen’s historical heritage – Bab Al Yeman in the line of fire

SHAFAQNA – If Saudi Arabia has used its vast wealth and natural resources to buy international media silence over its many war crimes in Yemen, the destruction of Yemen’s historical heritage certainly falls under the despicable category.
Built over 5000 years ago, Sana’a is one of the world oldest city in the world. Rumored to been constructed by non other than Shem, prophet Noah’s son, Sana’a is a cutural treasure and an architectural marvel.
Under the protection of UNESCO, Bab Al Yemen was nevertherless pounded by Saudi warplanes, reduced to rubble by the kingomd under the guise of easing in democratic change.If ever anyone was under any doubt the Saudi shad any legitimate ground for this war on Yemen, the destruction of a people’s history should stand testimony of Riyadh’s real intention – laying waste Yemen and its people to better assert Al Saud’s legacy in the region.
There is no greater crime than to attempt to demolish a people’s history.

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