Saudi’s Information minister dismiss because he closed sectarian Waesal TV

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive) – Saudis on twitters said that Wesal channel again broadcasting fromSaudi Arabia, after the decision to dismiss the Minister of Media in Saudi. The decision comes a day after the Al-Ahsa attack on Matam where Shia in Aza, the subsequent raising the issue of extremism through the media a Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz issued a royal decree of exemption Minister of Culture and Information, Abdul Aziz Khoja, from office.

The Royal Order Minister of Haj to carry out acts of Ministry of Culture and Information in addition to his work. The decision to exempt Khoja hours after his announcement that he closed Wesal satellite channel’s headquarters in Riyadh and prevent broadcasting from Saudi Arabia, against the backdrop of escalating tensions over the attack in Al-Ahsa and blame some of the hard-line rhetoric and media responsibility.

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