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Saudis kill unarmed protester, Alkhalifa strip 50 native Bahrainis off nationality

SHAFAQNA – The Saudi force have committed another crime, killing an unarmed civilian at the town of AlAwwamiyah in the Eastern Province. On Saturday 27th September Bassem Al Qudaihi, 21, was unarmed when he was shot dead by the regime’s forces which wreaked havoc on the area. The Saudi regime is becoming increasingly vicious as it becomes alienated from the population and troubled by regional developments. The House of Saud has become a source of extremism, terrorism and dictatorship in the region. Last week it was squarely condemned by human rights activists in Geneva for its disregard to sanctity of life and human rights values.

As the failure of the elections for the show parliament of Bahrain’s dictator looms on the horizon, massive crackdown has started in earnest. In addition to the harsh repression meted daily on demonstrators, scores of citizens are detained or snatched from their homes. Last week a renowned journalist, Ahmad Radhi was detained. After his case threatened to embarrass the regime, he was released yesterday. The family of Al Alawi of the town of Mhazza in Sitra had their forth son snatched by masked members of the regime’s death squads. His brothers, Ahmad, Mohammad and Hadi are languishing in the torture chambers. From Wadyan town a 16years old boy was arrested yesterday morning. Yassin Yousuf Al Nakal was taken by masked men to undisclosed location.

The lawyer, Taimoor Karimi was also arrested yesterday. He is one of the 31 Bahraini natives whose nationality had been revoked in November 2012. Last week nine more Bahrainis were stripped off their nationality, bringing the total number to 50. From Jabalat Habshi, Sayed Jalal Sayed Amin was snatched from his brother’s car near Bahrain’s International Hospital.  From the town of Samaheej, a young boy was arrested yesterday. Jassim Ashoor was pursued in the street and taken to join his two brothers, Younus and Sadiq in jail.  From Sitra several people were arrested in the past two days including: Hussain Radhi Al Tawil, Ibrahim Ahmad Habib, Hussain Ibrahim Kuwaid, Maitham Ali Matar and Ali Jaffar Ashoor.

Among those who have disappeared in the past week with no news about their whereabouts are: Jaffar Al Tawq, Mohsims Mohammad,

As the UK Government continued its support and defence of the Alkhalifa torturers, three human rights bodies and anti-arms campaigners have urged it to change its policy. Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB), the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR), the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) and Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) have condemned the United Kingdom’s recent decision to increase the sale of arms to Bahrain. They said that this policy “undermines the international community’s cries of deep concern over the situation in Bahrain.” They added: “The British government needs to seriously rethink its policy towards supplying arms to the Government of Bahrain.” Nabeel Rajab, co-founder of BCHR said: “We’ve seen in the past that the Bahraini government is willing to use these weapons on its own people; what’s to stop them from doing so again?”  Sarah Waldron, the Campaign Coordinator for CAAT said: “The UK government is not just silent in the face of Bahrain’s ongoing human rights abuses: it is actively enabling repression by whitewashing the regime and giving it practical and moral support with arms sales,”

Amnesty International (AI) has issued an Urgent Action calling for the release of a human rights activist being persecuted for exercising his right to express his opinion. The Alkhalifa regime has accused Nader Abdul Emam of questioning the integrity of a military figure of early Islam. AI urged the regime “to drop the charge against Nader Abdulemam” and “to release him immediately, as he appears to have been detained only on charges that are contrary to the right to freedom of expression.

Amnesty International has also issued an urgent action calling for the release of another native Bahraini sentenced to life in jail. Ahmed Mohammad Saleh al-Arab has been sentenced to life imprisonment. After an unfair trial he was convicted of attempted murder and possession of explosives. He is still on trial in separate cases, and could face a total of 64 years’ imprisonment. AI has called on the Alkhalifa “to overturn Ahmed Mohammad Saleh al-Arab’s convictions and sentences where evidence obtained under torture was used to convict him; to order an independent investigation into Ahmed Mohammad Saleh al-Arab’s allegations of torture and other ill-treatment and bring those responsible to justice; and to order a retrial in proceedings that meet international standards of fair trial.

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