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Saudi’s Mufti attacks internet which led to perish many youths

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive) – Saudi Arabia muft Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh Warned yesterday, from “web sites and internet ” that appear as the best but in its interior astray,” and He said “perished many young Muslims because of it. Al-Sheikh, said last month that the site Twitter, “the source of evil and the source of the untruths and lies.”

International figures have said that the Saudis are more users of internet sites in the world compared to the number of the population, and that 40 percent of the tweets in the Arab world who writes on Twitter come from inside Saudi Arabia.

Al-Sheikh in the seminar held at the Islamic University of Muhammad ibn Saud in Riyadh under the title of (Electronic terrorism: dangerous and methods of combating), said that “there is a war waged on Muslims across these sites aim to sow discord and hatred among Muslims.”

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