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#SaveALifeInYemen – Saving one life is like saving humanity


SHAFAQNA – Yemen today has become a humanitarian blackhole … state institutions have all but crumbled under the weight of war, and millions of men, women and children have been pushed well under the poverty line – unable to meet their most basic needs: shelter, food and medication.

Today, because Yemen finds itself under a war blockade commodities such as flour, sugar, oil, fuel, and medicines have become difficult to find and prices have skyrocketed.

Today, because Yemen is being relentlessly bombed and because no humanitarian corridor was ever secured by the international community, aid is not reaching those most in need.

Today, like it happened yesterday and the day before that, and the day before that, a son, a daughter, a father, a mother, a sister or a brother will die from malnutrition, war injuries or disease.

Those deaths are particularly hard to comprehend as those deaths are preventable!

At the Mona Relief Organization, we ask you, the public, to donate generously, so that Yemen can reclaim its future, and most of all its humanity.

Yemen is a country at war! Yet its people have committed no crime, no violation to ever justify the horrors which have befall them.

And because the international community has failed in its mission to offer Yemen assistance, the Mona Relief Organization has stepped in that void.

Because we want to remain independent, we rely on voluntary donations from the public – You! We need YOUR help and support!

We have already successfully distributed food to hundreds of people over the past months … but this is not enough. Millions of lives stand now in the balance and we cannot afford to stand on the sideline.

So if like us you believe that all lives are worth saving, if like us you believe that inaction sometimes equates to quiet condonation, then make some noise for Yemen and help us bring humanitarian relief to all Yemenis.

It is an entire people’s future which was robbed from under their feet by the canons of war. Let’s give it back to them!


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