Date :Thursday, February 19th, 2015 | Time : 10:29 |ID: 9276 | Print

Sayed Abdullah Algriffi visits Sheikh Aljedhavsi and expresses solidarity with him

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Sayyed Abdullah Algriffi visited today Thursday, February 19, Sheikh Ali bin Ahmed Aljdhvsa and expressed solidarity with him after Al-Khalifa forces attack him yesterday. Bahrain Scholars have issued a statement in which they announced their disapproval of the attack on Sheikh Aljdhvsa, the statement said that the attack is a flagrant assault “to the shrine of scholars by the hands of civilian militias.”
The scholars demand “official apology” for Sheikh Aljdhvsa , and to punish the aggressors, and stop this crazy abuses inflamed feelings of the people and sparked jealousy,” according to the statement. The statement denounced as “the continuation women detention, and the raids and repeated violations of houses ” and they said that “the human rights and religious persecution practiced by the authority against our people come in within a clear policy for give up and obey regime , which they will not be able to it .”

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