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Sayed Abdullah Algriffi:legitimacy of Peaceful popular movement .. and repression sign of weakness

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive )  –Sayyed Abdullah Algriffi confirmed legality of “peaceful movement of any people,” rejecting any tendency “towards violence and extremism,” saying it is illegal.
In a sermon on Friday, February 13th, in Imam al-Sadiq Mosque in the town of Diraz, Mr. Algriffi said that the legitimacy of the popular peaceful movement stems from the legitimacy of starting points, goals, and methods.
And on the goals, Algriffi said that al-Shara and the law “allow any people to exercise its role in demanding their rights fair, and to express their concerns and pain”,He stressed that the movement which is based on political reform, no problem with it, stressing the right of the opposition to read the status quo, and in accordance with their conviction, He added that “the ruling regimes to convince the opposition forces, and to convince people the safety of the existing political situation through genuine dialogue and by demonstrating it practically ,” and not “through the use of force and violence Tools”, which indicates the weakness of the regimes and the lack of options and argument.
Sayed Algriffi underlined the necessity of dialogue, it is not a valid to regimes and Peoples’ its absence, warning of “the language of false bids at loyalties to the homelands” and the method of slander and accusations.

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