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Sayed Algriffi stresses popular movement continues , and suggested Road map

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Sayed Abdullah Algriffi denounced Al-Khalifa forces attacked on Sheikh Ali bin Ahmed Aljdhvsa, calling it as sinful assault. Algriffi said in a Friday prayer sermon, February 20, that the attack was “outrageous and bad behavior “, which is “prompt more aggravation, and straining the situation,” stressing the inadmissibility of “insulting any citizen, as well as to be a religious symbol.” , calling for “security forces ” to assume “responsibility to protect the dignity of the citizens, and to hold accountable those who attack this dignity.”

Sayed Algriffi  stressed that the peaceful popular movement adopted the slogan and behavior, while the security force insisting on security way, trying to stop the popular movement. Algriffi suggested what he described as a road map “to save the situation,” and that  to “reading all the security situation around us, and to see its complications and the adverse conditions of these on our country”, He suggested to stop sectarian speech and start genuine dialogue not just for public relations and media .

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