Sayeda Zainab you are the blessed daughter of the all noble Ali & Fatima sister of Hasnain


SHAFAQNA – The following is a poem written by Sayeda Shaheena Bibi in commemoration of Lady Zainab bit Ali’s sacrifice and strength.


The paragon of an ever evolving truth, setting our spirits ablaze till infinity, you are the heroic gleaming torch of Karbala without your sacrifice Islam would be slain

All the atrocities terror & the heinous butchering torture & slaughter that you suffered from the evil tyrannical despotism

You are truly sublime so immaculate ethereal perfection, persevering in the face of corrupt & unjust nepotism

Brave & courageous like your father Ali forbearance & fortitude like Hussain resolute & distinctive

Sincerity chastity & patience like Fatima fearless & steadfast you stood yet remain fiercly instinctive

With faith so intense belief & conviction certitude & servitude in the lord of all venerating elevating glories

Captivating esteemed sermons you conveyed undeterred, perpetuating esoteric eloquence boldness & grace, high virtue emanating from your stories

The hearts melted into rebellion as tears flowed like Euphrates with the head of Hussain immensely resonating & celestial

Captured & subjugated by ball & chain wandering the scorching planes thirst ridden & hungary after all the ravages of war so desolating & bestial

Without you the massacre calamity & tragedy of Karbala would have become a distant barbarity

You revolutionised amplied & immortalised the message of Hussain & safeguarded your grandfather’s deen & humanity

Resilient endurance & inner strength all powerful tears & pain so deep, became your determination & integration

The pure soul of your pious essence was undefeated not vanquished nor crushed this is the legacy & our source of inspiration & liberation

Sayeda Zainab rising like a phoenix from the ashes you emerged victorious & meritorious for every nation & generation

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