Sayyed Ali Fadlallah: Actions Like Sydney Siege Have Nothing to Do with Islam, Lebanese Cleric Says

SHAFAQNA- Sayyed Ali Fadlallah issued a statement on Tuesday stressing that such measures are reprehensible no matter the motivation or objectives, Libanonfiles reported.

He said terrorist activities such as this are Haram (forbidden) in Islam and run counter to all religious and ethical principles.

Fadlallah urged Australian Muslims to make known Islam’s stance against extremism and terrorism in order to prevent terrorists from smearing the image of the religion.

He added that Muslims in Australia ought to stand united against Takfir, extremism and terrorism.

The Sydney hostage taking, which lasted for more than 16 hours, ended after security forces raided the Lindt Café in the city’s central business district early on Tuesday.

According to police sources, the gunman, identified by local media as Man Haron Monis and also known as Mohammad Hassan Manteqi, and two hostages were killed during the operation and four others were wounded.

Australian police have launched an investigation into Monis’ motives.

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