Sayyed Fadlallah (ra) on the issue of marriage

SHAFAQNA – “Marriage is not a contract which turns women into men’s slaves. Marriage does not strangle their lives and deny their usual habits and moods. Women are human beings, and their humanity must remain in tact throughout their married lives, just as men are human beings and their humanity must remain in tact throughout their married lives. God the Glorious and Exalted has based the nature of men and women’s lives together on a foundation of love and mercy, so as to increase the feelings of unity which tie the couple together. Therefore, it is not a question of a contractual obligation towards a partner for life, as is understood from the phrase ‘life partner’. The issue must be understood using the deeper meaning revealed in the Quranic verse which says “they are as garments to you as you are to them” (The Cow [Al Baqara]: 187). This means there is oneness – her life takes on his life, and his life takes on her life. This naturally results in a kind of merging and fusing which supports the relationship between them. God has based marriage on a foundation of love, with both parties caring about the circumstances of the other, their feelings, emotions and personal situation. Neither side tries to impose themself on the other, and to wipe out the other’s personality or humanity. The general belief that men try to wipe out women’s personalities by not accepting that they have their own opinions in cases when there room for debate, or by refusing to accept that they have their own moods and habits, is not Islamic and does not express the Islamic point of view. The husband is an independent person with his own legal human personality just as the wife is an independent person with her own legal and legislative personality. They must complement each other and each must preserve their own special characteristics, which the other must in turn respect.”

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