Scientists decided to organize and managed to establish a day for their March for Science. They chose the Earth Day, on April 22. This March bound to defense the planet and remind everyone about climate change will take place on Saturday, April 22, in San Francisco, Washington, DC. The march was inspired by the protest which happened in 1970 where people mobilized at the first Earth Day.

Organizers of the March for Science stated that their purpose is to combat Trump’s efforts to discredit the assiduous work of scientists. The March is bound to enlist everyone who supports the integrity of research, not only environmentalists and researchers.

Organizers of the massive march have announced that they will leave their studies for a while and will get out in the streets to remind people about the importance of science. They want to celebrate the passion for science, calling for everyone’s support to protect the scientific community. Scientists are all concerned about the politicization of science which allowed policymakers to disdain scientific evidence.

Image courtesy of: flickr

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