Scotland’s ‘45 percent’ movement begins campaign for independence

The activists initiated a new campaign, dubbed “The 45 percent,” which draws its name from the 44.7 percent of the Scottish electorate who voted ‘Yes’ in the referendum last week.

SHAFAQNA- Sep,23-Thousands of pro-independence activists in Scotland have launched a campaign to continue efforts for independence from the United Kingdom.

The campaigners said they wanted to sustain the momentum of the grassroots online movement that vastly outperformed pro-union activists.

“The British establishment would love nothing more than for the 45 percent to disappear,” an online page reads, adding, “The 45 percent will only grow stronger.”

The ‘Yes’ campaigners vowed to continue efforts with many incorporating the figure “45” in their profile on social media networks.

The Scottish activists are calling for a second referendum on independence to be held in March 2020.

Opponents of the campaign have criticized the move and said the group should disband and accept the outcome of the vote.

On September 18, Scottish voters cast their ballots in the independence referendum, which resulted in a 55-45 percent vote against breaking away from the UK.

Following the referendum, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond accused the “No” campaign of tricking voters.

Source: Presstv


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