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Selling Yemen down the river – Exclusive Report

SHAFAQNA – As Yemen faces a state of famine, as millions upon millions are staring death in the face on the back of punishing UN-manned humanitarian blockade, Saudi Arabia Shafaqna has learnt stoop as low as offer money to informants to target specific segments of the population.

If you thought the kingdom abominable, you may yet found that there are new horrors Riyadh can still manifest so that the innocent would suffer. Today those parties who raised Wahhabism/Takfirism banner are looking to spend Yemen’s very lifeblood and in the process strike a blow at the Resistance Movement.

There is implacable determination to Saudi Arabia’s genocidal ambition against Yemen  … one cannot help but recoil before the grave many crimes the kingdom already perpetrated against the innocent. From wanton murder to engineered starvation and of course wholesale Terror by the hands of Wahhabi-inspired Saudi henchmen, we have offered but a murmur of reproach.

One can hope a roar of anger will soon rise, so that if not justice at least retribution will be offered to those who need it.

Reliable sources in Yemen have confirmed that intelligence was sold by “humanitarians” on the ground to Saudi Arabia so that air strikes could be directed against civilian clusters with more accuracy. Such a despicable war of attrition aims to erode at Yemenis’ desire to resist Riyadh’s agenda and essentially withdraw support from the Resistance Movement.

Under cover of humanitarian work, certain individuals have gathered information and pretty much sold their people for a few silver coins. The seaport of Hodeidah, which area has suffered the brunt of Saudi Arabia air campaign of late, was identified as the main area of intelligence activities.

Only this March Riyadh lobbied the United Nations so that Hodeidah would be blockaded and its seaport destroyed.

Rather than distribute humanitarian aid, Saudi-paid agents have in fact earmarked communities for slaughter.

There are crimes one cannot brush under the rug!

A preliminary investigation found that airstrikes and the targeting of fishermen off the coast of Hodeidah were carried out upon the release of sensitive information by aid workers on Saudi Arabia’s payroll. Further sources have confirmed that Riyadh has asked its mercenaries to aggregate information on communities in northern Yemen to identify faiths, political affiliations and tribal loyalties.

The last time such an extensive list was drawn, Aden saw al-Qaeda death squads hunt religious minorities: Christians, Shia, and Sufis.

It is our collective inability to challenge Riyadh on its human rights violations across the board that has allowed for such a reality to be architected. How much can we ask of Yemen before we speak up.

Shafaqna has chosen at this stage not to release any names as we trust the Yemeni authorities will handle the situation accordingly and in keeping with the law.

That being said such crimes must be spoken out and denounced.

Selling humanity and innocence for a few dollars can never, and should never be rationalised. We ought to learn that life, every life – even that of our enemies, is not cheap.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna


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