Setting a good example in Islam

SHAFAQNA  – the best way to educate non-Muslims about Islam is to set good examples individually and collectively as did those Muslims who caused the rapid spread of Islam. 

We often hear of individuals doing so through their honesty and good behavior. As far as provocation is concerned, the way to win will always be in seeking strength through patience and prayers, thus ignoring all sorts of provocations. 

Coming together to organize is the best of Allah’s command and the one that is most neglected by the community.

Only by replacing a bad deed by a better one, can we ever hope as a community to honor our heritage and remain true to our faith. Islam is a merciful gift from God and we ought to respect that blessing by choosing not what is easy but what is right.

It is in our teachers and scholars that we must put our trust and faith, as without proper knowledge of the divine Quran we are only stumbling in the dark.#

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