Seven Recommendations to Treat Flatulence


Digestive problems, stress, malnutrition, etc. are among the factors that can trigger flatulence. In this irritating condition people not only may feel uncomfortable, but also they may sound fat.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to alleviate this discomfort and to get rid of the mentioned swelling. Please read this article to get familiar with these simple and easy ways.

Avoid the following foodstuff

If you suffer from flatulence, intestinal gas and bloating, you need to avoid foodstuff full of fatty acids, stimulating fibers, carbohydrates, and particularly lactose. These foodstuffs stimulate the intestinal mucosa through producing gas, heartburn or postponing secretion of stomach acid.

It is recommended that to avoid whole milk, high-fat cheese, red meat, smoked fish, sausages, rigid or scrambled eggs prepared with high oil, butter cookies, breads made from complete cereals, black wheat, grains, bell peppers, cabbages, spinach, garlic, onions, pungent spices, raw or sour fruits, dried fruits, high0fat sauces or fries.

Prioritize these foodstuffs

Prioritize low-fat and fat-free diaries, low-fat meats such as chicken and turkey, white and fresh fishes, soft-boiled eggs, certain cereals such as grout, quinoa, vegetables, particularly carrots, squash, beet, green beans, asparagus, cooked or completely ripe and without skin  fruits (compotes), spices such as cumin, coriander, cinnamon and rosemary. Also avoid excessive amounts of sorbitol, which is found in the dried plums and is used as sweetening factor in chewing gums. High amounts of this compound acts as a strong laxative which brings about bloating and gas.

East on-time

If you develop bloating and flatulence after eating, start your meal with some simple habits:

·        Start to eat everyday at a certain hour.

·        Chew your food with care and convenience. Chewing food with sufficient time for at least 20 minutes helps to proper digestion.

·        To prevent overloading of stomach and enjoying food, it is better to sit straight. Humping during eating and eating quickly exacerbate your problems.

Don’t drink water during eating

Maybe it is necessary to focus on this issue in order to make it your habit. Drinking water during daytime, 1.5 to 2 lit., is necessary to improve health. But, it is necessary to drink water in certain intervals rather during eating food. I recommend you to avoid drinking during eating. Thus habit disturbs digestion process.

Walk for a while after eating

For avoiding a bloated and swelled belly after eating, forget lying back your armchair and walk for a while. Lounging on sofa or cushion exacerbates flatulence. Those who have not muscular stomach cannot control and support properly the intestines duties. Regular exercising alleviates digestive problems. Standing sports facilitate passage of intestinal gas. Practicing a light sport such as walking, jogging, swimming, biking, etc. is recommended. After eating, stand up and start to walk for a while.

Appraise you sensitivity to various foodstuffs

If despite appreciating your eating habits, drinking enough water, meeting sanitary rules, you suffer from a swelled belly and flatulence, then it is possible that another problem is serious here. Therefore, you need to carry out necessary tests to asses you sensitivity to various foodstuffs. Lactose (milk’s natural carbohydrate) and gluten (wheat and barley’s protein) intolerance develop serious problems for the digestive system. Thus, you need to refer a doctor, because your swelled belly and digestive problems would be due to irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. MDs, Gastroenterologists and nutritionists can help you. Hence, you need to follow a certain diet for several days in order to provide your intestines with an enough time to rest. If your health gets better after stopping to eat the mentioned foodstuff, it means that you are sensitive to these foodstuffs and need to replace them with other alternatives.

Avoid stressful condition

Unfortunately, our most daily disorders are rooted in psychological stresses and pressures. Daily stresses and anxieties are one of important cause factors of flatulence. As you may know, there are millions neurons in our stomach, so every feeling affect our digestive system. Use certain ways such as yoga, meditation and massage to control your negative feelings and stress. Try to eat your meal in a convenient and peaceful place.

For avoiding a bloated and swelled belly after eating, forget lying back your armchair and walk for a while. Lounging on sofa or cushion exacerbates flatulence. Those who have not muscular stomach cannot control and support properly the intestines duties

Perhaps you have megacolon

People have different large intestines in terms of size. Some people have longer intestine than normal size, these people feel flatulence more than other, naturally, waste compounds and stool remain for longer time in the longer intestines and it makes people to feel bloating and flatulence. As a result, these people need to eat proper foodstuffs which facilitate and accelerate excretion and need to drink water enough in order to help excretion of stool. These foodstuffs include fruits and vegetables. Dry fruits such as plums help you to excrete faster and more conveniently.

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