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Sha’aban Eids Celebrated in Islamic Centers in Europe

SHAFAQNA – Islamic centers in different European countries have been hosting ceremonies on the birthday anniversaries of Imam Hussein (AS), Hazrat Abbas (AS) and Imam Sajjad (AS) over the past few days.

The ceremonies began one night before the 3rd day of Sha’aban (April 20) and will continue until the 15th day of the month which marks the birthday anniversary of Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his glad advent).

The Islamic Center Hamburg organized a program on the auspicious occasions on Thursday night (April 19).

It was addressed by Ayatollah Ramedhani, imam and director of the center.

Similar programs were held at the Imam Ali (AS) Islamic Center in Vienna, Austria, Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) Islamic-Cultural Center in Switzerland, Islamic Center of London, Imam Ali (AS) Islamic Center in Sweden, Imam Mahdi Islamic Center in Canada, Imam Ali (AS) Mosque in Denmark, and Imam Mahdi Center in Brussels, Belgium.

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