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SHAFAQNA “Any attack against the innocent is an act of Terror”

SHAFAQNA – Following the attack late on Sunday of Muslims mosque-goers as they returned to their homes after evening prayer near Finsbury Park, Shafaqna would like to extend its most  heartfelt condolences and prayers to the families of the victims.

We would like to reiterate once more our support for those who continue to suffer prejudices and intolerance on the basis of their differences.

Any attack against the innocent is an act of Terror! Any infringement on a person’s right and dignity is an attack on all of our rights and dignity, and as such need to be denounced in the strongest terms.

It is in times of hardship such as these that we should rise above hatred and calls for retribution to instead find a way to heal those divisions that have plagued out society.

Violence cannot be answered by violence!

Intolerance cannot be met by intolerance and fears must not prevent us from realising that the goal of Terror is to isolate.

Shafaqna Editorial Team

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