Shafaqna condemns Bahrain’s assault in Diraz

SHAFAQNA – In the light of recent development in Bahrain and al-Khalifa regime’s despicable attack on innocent and unarmed civilians, Shafaqna editorial team would like to offer its most sincere condolences to all those men and women, who, for the love of Freedom have sacrificed their lives.

We offer our prayers and worlds of support to those on the ground who continue to resist injustice and sectarian hatred so that future generations will not have to suffer the same infamy.

Before the aberration of a hatred so deeply rooted in exclusion and the rejection of Shia Islam on account it speaks a tradition that Wahhabism has denied for it wants to raise its own, we can only offer pity …

Courage remains with those who stand in truth regardless of the difficulties for doing otherwise would equate to a negation of Islam itself.


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