SHAFAQNA denounces attack on Egyptian Coptic community

SHAFAQNA – Our entire editorial denounces in the strongest terms possible the despicable and cowardly attack Wahhabi-inspired militants carried out in Egypt against the members of the Coptic community.

Wahhabi-inspired Daesh militants claimed responsibility for the Palm Sunday attacks, which killed 44 people in total and wounded scores more a week before the Coptic Easter.

Cairo imposed since a state of emergency so that its security forces would be able to deploy against Takfirism and thus protect all religious communities from harm.

As Shia, as Muslims, and more importantly as people we unequivocally reject any and all forms of violence against minorities. Whether based on ethnicity, creed, political affiliation or social status persecution is a crime against all our humanity.

We cannot possibly continue to be defined by our differences … We ought to rise above them and respect in each person those rights God bestowed upon us.

And so we would like to offer our brothers and sisters in humanity our most sincere condolences and promise our unwavering support as they work to rebuild their lives.

It is how we handle hardship that truly defines our character. Rather than ask for God to lighten the load it may be better we pray for strength and patience in bearing those trials we are bound to face – such is our human condition.

We also would like to remind all that hate cannot be answered in equal measure when hate is exactly what Takfiri militants want to sow.

The Quran instructs us to answer evil with that which is better.


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