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SHAFAQNA: “Terror seeks to destroy our right to humanity”

SHAFAQNA – The latest in a series of bloody attacks across the Greater Middle East and Europe, the holy city of Karbala in Iraq was targeted this Friday.

A report published by ABNA reported earlier today: “At least 21 people were killed and 25 were wounded on Friday after a suicide bomb attack ripped through a market east of the Iraqi holy city of Karbala.”

As we mourn the victims of this new terror attack it needs crucial we remember that all lives are sacred, beyond geography, politics, and creeds, beyond all manners of differences and divisions.

While nations, political factions, and communities may often argue against one another over systems of governance, policies and schools of thoughts, at our core we stand equal before our Creator.

It is our humanity Terror, and Terror’s armies: Daesh, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Boko Haram etc … are working to disappear by carving unnecessary divisions and sentiments of exclusion.

Terror has not faith and no creed. Terror speaks for no religion since it is a political construct based on neo-imperialistic dynamics.

Since the dawn of time Terror has hidden behind many masks and many different agendas … and yet its narrative has always been that of hatred and murder.

Today we cry the loss of Iraq’s sons and daughters.

We mourn this loss as we have mourned all others – with a feeling of deep sorrow for the many lives forfeited to terrorism and abject fanaticism.

We denounce yet again any, and all acts of terror in the strongest terms possible.

We pray that all communities will now pull together to denounce hatred, and NOT fall prey to fear by throwing blame around as one would thrash about in water.

Blame lies with those who play Terror as a tool of control.

Blame lies with those who refuse to see Terror’s games for what they are so that their greed could be satisfied.

Blame lies with those men of letters and men of God who continue to refuse to use their clout, and their power to denounce, and reject Terror’s ideology.

We will continue to offer our support to whoever ask for it.


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