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Shafaqna Weekly Round-Table with Mark Taliano


SHAFAQNA – This week Shafaqna talks to Mark Taliano from Canada. Author and researcher Mark Taliano recently published, Syria’s War For Humanity -available on Global Reseach.

In this episode of Round-Table, Catherine Shakdam discusses with her guest Syria’s war, Western imperialism, the media complex and the US presidential elections.

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  1. Alan Blanes says:

    That was an excellent and valuable discussion! It is going to be an essential task to get Canada and the US to begin to learn and understand the meaning of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. In my view, it is the sheer ignorance and oblivious disregard of these principles at the community level and at the national policy level – that spawns much of the violence that leads to the turmoil that Hillary whipped up.


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