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Shafaqna’s Interview – Control Arms: UN Arms Treaty collapsing in Yemen

SHAFAQNA – An international campaign group says many of the countries that supported the UN Arms Treaty two years ago are now violating it, especially in relation to the war on Yemen.The warning has been issued by Control Arms, which is a coalition of over 100 international organizations, formed to uphold the treaty. The group said leading supporters of the treaty, including the US, Britain, and France, are breaching it by persisting arms sales to Saudi Arabia. The UN Arms Treaty requires signatories to ensure weapons they sell are not used to violate international humanitarian law and commit genocide or crimes against humanity. But Control Arms said arms suppliers to Saudi Arabia are ignoring the overwhelming information on violations of human rights and the laws of war in Yemen. The Saudi aggression on Yemen has so far left over eleven-thousand Yemenis dead, most of them civilians.

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