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Shamelessly; Islamic University In Islamabad Hosts Israel Cultural Event

SHAFAQNA – Shamelessly Israeli cultural and customs ceremony was arranged at International Islamic University Islamabad; meanwhile, university administration confirming the ceremony has formed a three member committee to probe into the matter.

The stall for promotion of Israeli culture and customs was arranged in a hall situated under the Faisal Mosque present in Federal capital of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where a ceremony “UN Debate Contest” was also arranged by the Faculty of “Management Sciences Women Department”.

The students including foreign students set up a stall where the Israeli cultural items were placed on tables and banners placed on wall was reflecting the Israeli flag, pictures of Israeli premier.

“WELL COME TO THE LAND OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY”, banner of Israeli stall was showing the pictures of Israeli culture as well.

As the pictures of the ceremony unearthed, the religious, students and political circles have shown stern reaction over the ceremony and have threatened of protest today (Sunday).

The legal advisor of University confirming the arrangement of stall, was of the view that “UN Debate Contest” was also arranged by the Faculty of “Management Sciences Women Department” where the students set up their stalls of UN member states but the stall of Israel was arranged without permission of university administration.

The stall was closed immediately as it came into the notice of administration.

Meanwhile, the local people said that without university administration’s permission it was impossible to set up such stall of ceremony in university premises.

Various student organisations and religious parties terming the action as adding salt on the wounds of Palestinians have announced to stage protest today (Sunday) against University administration.

While this is a shame to Pakistan, a so called declared Islamic Republic, it is also something that should be protested by all Muslims.

Israel is the murderer of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Their culture being promoted in an Islamic University cannot be done without the permission of the it’s authorities.

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