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Shark attack aftermath streamed live around the world

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)- The death of a Japanese surfer in Australia yesterday was broadcast around the world during a live stream of one of the country’s top surf breaks.

Tadashi Nakahara, 41, was sitting on his board waiting for a wave at Shelly Beach, in NSW, when the shark came up behind him and grabbed the back of the board and his legs in its mouth.

Police were examining two videos of the attack in which a four metre shark, thought to be a great white, killed Mr Nakahara. installs web-cameras, offers surf reports and a ‘daily wave tracker’ at many of Australia’s prominent surf beaches, including at the New South Wales town of Ballina, where the attack occurred.

The live video streaming website yesterday issued a warning to other surfers.

“Please be aware there has been a fatal shark attack at Ballina this morning and a non-fatal shark attack yesterday at seven-mile beach,” read the statement.

Ballina Mayor David Wright said residents of the beach town were struggling to come to terms with the tragedy.

“His mates quickly pulled him in and they tried to do resuscitation but he died. They tried everything they could but he was deceased,” Mr Wright said.

Detective Inspector Cameron Lindsay said a witness had video material of the aftermath of the attack, and this would be used to try and identify what type of shark was responsible.“Unfortunately the video captures after the attack so at this stage we don’t have video of the actual attack and we’re still looking at it but it appears to capture a large amount of blood in the water,” Inspector Lindsay told ABC News.

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