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Sheikh Ali Salman from his prison send message to people to continue the revolution

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Marking the fourth anniversary of the revolution, Secretary General of the Alwefaq Society , Sheikh Ali Salman called in a letter from his prison for continuation of the movement, stressing adherence to the demands of the revolution for elected government and parliament. Sheikh Ali Salman (Fridays February 13, 2015) said ” I salute our great people and I bless you in the memory of the starting glorious February 14 , adding: “What I found only beautiful, and I feel tranquility and peace of mind flooded my heart thanking to God Almighty.”

“I felt shy from your noble support of my arrest, and you have done more than what you have to do , and I am grateful to you for your positions.” He said, “Do not forget the rest of the detainees from all your movement,” adding  “Do not forget the foundation our demand to elect our government in a democratic way of sound, as well as the election of the Parliament, who is legislation and oversight without the tutelage of a particular board in complete periodic elections based on equality.”

He pointed out that the elections that we want based on the weight of full equality in the electoral vote ” Sheikh Ali telling his supporters, “you should not  just ask for the release of prisoners and lose all the demands in your activities nor come before it any other demands.” added “continue in your activities and safe yourselves and hold in peaceful and protect the private and public money  as i know you .”

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