Sheikh Nimr Spoke in Favor of Democracy, Human Rights

SHAFAQNA- Saudi Arabia shocked the Muslim world on Saturday by announcing the execution of top Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al Nimr, who peacefully called for reforms in the Saudi political system.

He had been baselessly charged with terrorism.

Amnesty International denounced the killing of Sheikh Nimr, saying Riyadh used the execution to “settle political scores” to Shia community.

The London based rights body described the brutal killing as “politically motivated”. The body had called the death sentence against the Sheikh “appalling”, saying it must be quashed.

Speaking to Shabbir Hassanally, an activist and Islamic scholar from London, described the execution of Sheikh Nimr as an assassination of a religious figure who had always been opposing to the Riyadh regime with peaceful means.

Sheikh Nimr Spoke in Favor of Democracy, Human Rights

Following is what the scholar said on the issue:

This is extremely outrageous. Sheikh Nimr was known for his opposition to the government, and for wanting a civil and political change in Saudi Arabia, which is needed very badly. His court was described by human right organizations and observers as nothing but a kangaroo court.

This is an assassination of a religious figure that had always been opposing to the regime of Saudi Arabia with peaceful means. This is a horrible crime committed by Saudi authorities. This is going to lead to more and more repercussions and serious consequences. This is not going to suppress or silent the supporters of Sheikh Nimr who are demanding their denied basic rights to live in dignity and who have been under suppression and oppression from Saudi authorities.

Sheikh Nimr spoke in favor of democracy and human rights, the values that are against the Saudi ruling family.

No one is holding the Saudi regime accountable for bombarding Yemen and occupying Bahrain. There is no accountability because there is no one actually acting against it.

Why Saudi Arabia with 12 million barrels of oil selling per day should face a significant budget deficit amounted to USD 100 billion? The answer is clear. Because the income is in the service of terrorists for killing more people and Sheikh Nimr is a part of this very sad story.

The Saudi authorities have been making strategic mistakes. Many experts and analysts believe that the assassination of Sheikh Nimr is a strategic suicide. It would show that the Saudi regime takes a gun and points it at its own head, shooting itself.

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