Sheikh Salman:Shias are not controlling their Matams is kind of religious oppression

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Religious freedoms in Bahrain Human Rights Observatory Sheikh Salman Maytham considered that the impose of the official control of the Endowments Jaafari and lose the Shia in Bahrain from management of endowments according to their perspective legitimate , social choices and their own convictions represents one of religious persecution.

Salman said: The Council of Religious Endowments of Jaafari management appointed by the will of government; where are appointing President and ten members by royal decree, and appends the Council appointed the Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs, without taking into account the legitimate obligations and jurisprudence Jaafari.

Salman said: The Foundations have rights and financial independence, is not entitled to a disposition of the endowment funds only with the permission of who own legitimate and legal by the state.

The Council of Religious Endowments Jaafari management transfer funds from the accounts of some Mattams without the knowledge of those who made it , which led to a surge of votes to reject the continuation of Awqaf and excesses in the legal and legitimate.Number of Matam affected by the excesses of Awqaf Jaafari financial management has emphasized the right to file lawsuits and legal complaints to the Board of Management of Endowments Jaafari to retrieve what was taken from them forcibly and Accountability Board to him in money without reference to the Matam.

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