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Shia Islam, the true force against ISIS – EDITORIAL

SHAFAQNA – Shafaqna’s editorial team would like to begin by condemning Manchester attack in the strongest terms possible. Any acts of violence against the innocent stands a betrayal of humanity in general – and Islam in particular.

In the hands of Wahhabi-inspired radicals Islam’s tenets, its principles and its traditions have been perverted and sullied, distorted and betrayed so that an elite cold exert control over a faith and sow fear in communities’ heart.

As Shia Muslims, as a responsible Shia Organisation we wish to absolutely and categorically reject the ideology that motivated today’s Terror attack. We refuse to stay silent when innocent communities are being targeted on account of their faith.

We absolutely and categorically reject any ideology – whether political or religious, that advocates ostracisation, intolerance and witch-hunting.

As the recipients of much hatred over the centuries we understand more than most the bite of injustice and persecution. It is because we have suffered in our flesh and our communities that we come today to offer our condolences and our hands in friendship.

That Islam Wahhabism has claimed for itself is not ours, and it is not that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spoke to the world.

That violent and reactionary dogma Wahhabism has sold as being Islamic is an abomination that we, Shia Muslims reject in its entirety. We do not recognise Wahhabism to be of Islam. We do not adhere to those tenets Wahhabism speak of, we do not condone Wahhabism’s calls for violence, murder and genocide.

We stand by Islam’s tradition of tolerance.

We stand by AhlulBayt’s tradition of justice.

Since ISIS first targeted religious communities so that it could erase them, Shia Islam has sacrificed its sons and its daughters to defeat its heinous ideology. There are no more committed people than Shia Muslims in this fight against Terror … it is after all, all of us Wahhabism wants to forever disappear.

From Bahrain to Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, wherever ISIS armies have hit, Shia Muslims have resisted … and so we shall continue.

Manchester’s attack only serves to demonstrate the deadly threat we all face.

This also should serve as a warning that before Terrorism we ought to differentiate in between friends and foes – Shia Islam was always an ally, and will remain so until all threats are disappeared.

Shafaqna Editorial Team

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