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Shia martyrs remembered on the Day of Ashura in Eastern Saudi Arabia

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – On Monday night (3 November) in the town of Aldalweh in the Saudi province of Alahsa, unknown gunmen attacked a Hussainieh resulting in martyrdom of 7 innocent Shia mourners with at least 30 other people injured. Later, informed sources told Fars News, one of the  injured, Hassan Hussain Abdullah Alali was also martyred in hospital. Earlier Abdullah Mohammad Alyusuf, Adel Abdullah Haraba, Zahir Habeeb Almotawe’a, Mahdi Aidul Mosharraf, Mohammad Abdullah Almosharraf and Mohammad Hussain Albasrawi were martyred.

Saudi Internal Ministry on Tuesday announced that 6 people have been arrested in connection with the shootings but informed sources said 9 have been arrested and the tenth who is the main culprit was killed by security forces together with a security personnel. It is said that all arrested are Saudi citizens and the head of the group has returned from fighting in Syria. The people of Alahsa mourned for their martyrs on the Day of Ashura and said: All our martyrs sacrificed themselves for Imam Hussain (AS). The people of Qatif marched through Althowrah Street whilst condemning Saudi regime and those who attacked the mourners.

Source: Fars News

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