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Shia Muslims protest against Saudi monarchy, demand release of cleric Ayatollah Shiekh Baqir Al-Nimr

SHAFAQNA – Raising voice against Saudi Arabia’s death sentence to Shia Muslim Cleric Ayatollah Shiekh Baqir Al-Nimr, scores of protesters took out a protest march in the state capital on Wednesday. They demanded Indian government to intervene and pressurise the Saudi Arabia government for immediate release of the cleric. 

The protesters carried photos of Al-Nimr and banners demanding his release. “Free Al-Nimr,” they announced, chanting slogans that expressed their strong opposition to Saudi Arabia and its ruling family. 

The peaceful protest march was carried out from Maqbara Saadaat Ali Khan to Shahnajaf Imambara situated in Hazratganj area. The protest was attended by people of Muslim as well as other communities condemning Saudi’s actions. 

Saudi regime arrested Al-Nimr on July 8, 2012 and his trial began in March 2013. After which his death sentence was announced. Recently, Saudi authorities planned to hang the cleric on May 14. 

“Sheikh Al Nimr is a religious authority for Muslims and Saudi regime wants to execute him to cover their anti-Islamic moves. Saudis are targeting innocent Yemenis too and not letting aid supplies into Yemen making condition worse,” said a protester. 

Another protester said Sheikh Al-Nimr was treated unfairly by the Saudi authorities, so we took to the streets to support him and defend his rights. The protest should not be viewed through a sectarian lens as its the matter of human rights. 

The protesters demanded that Indian Government should intervene in the matter and build pressure on Saudi regime for immediate release of Sheikh Al Nimr from the prison.

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