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shiapost/BJP Govt not to arrest ISIL backing Indians

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

The BJP government is planning to take a soft approach to facilitate the return of Indian youth who are fighting alongside the ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Instead of taking a strict action by punishing them, the central government is thinking of taking a more compassionate stand on the Indians involved in ISIS.

Recently the NIA proposed to the home ministry to file an FIR against suspects associated with ISIS. The ministry is thinking over the matter and is finding out a way so that those youths return back to the country and do not get scared away by the idea of spending time behind bars.

Faced with a proposal by NIA to lodge an FIR against ISIS, the home ministry is exploring if these youths can be deradicalised when they come back from Iraq rather than pushing them behind bars.

The argument in favour of this idea is that an FIR will not only scare the youths from coming back but also prevent parents from reporting to police.

The issue is still in discussion stage and no decision has been taken in this regard so far. This move may help in dealing with terrorism and will be different from the normal attitude followed by the security agencies and the government towards suspects involved in terrorism.

Security intelligence agencies have said that many Indians are suspected to be involved in fighting in the ISIS in Iraq. Many of these youths’ parents have met the home minister and pleaded him to stop those who are instigating these boys to fight there.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh had told the media that Indian muslims are not involved in fighting for the ISIS and they are totally against it. He said that there is no threat from ISIS to India and there are no reports that Indians are joining the Islamic state movement and these are just media rumours.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier expressed his concern over the issue of Indians joining the terrorist organisations. He said that the Muslims are loyal to India and will not obey the commands of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda.

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