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Shias have the right to express their religious beliefs says U.S

SHAFAQNA- The United States Government on Friday expressed concerns over the death of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, otherwise known as Shias after a clash with policemen in Kano.

In a statement by its Abuja embassy, the US called for communications between Shiites and the authorities.

“This is the latest in a series of violent incidents between security forces and members of the Shia Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), some of which have resulted in deaths, destruction of property, and the arbitrary detention of IMN members.

“Shias have the right to peacefully express their religious beliefs.

“The Nigerian government must ensure that those responsible for their death are held accountable.

“We continue to urge the government to ensure accountability for the deaths of more than 300 IMN members during December 15, 2015 clashes between the IMN and security forces in Zaria, Kaduna State.

“We also call on the Nigerian government to conduct a transparent investigation of the latest incidents and bring to account anyone responsible for violating the law,” it said.

– News 24

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