Shias worry about more genocide after Hajj Application Form

SHAFAQNA- Pakistani Shia Muslims have condemned the government policies after the new Hajj application form 2015 issued with a column of asking ‘Are you Shia?’, they have termed it an example of Shia phobia that can lead more Shia genocide across the country.

This change in application form came in to appear during the visit of Saudi’s Imam-e-Kabba.

The Shia Muslims on social media have shown their concern over the new change in application form.

It has also been observed that the changes of column ‘Are you Shia?’ is mentioned in Pakistani Hajj Application Form.

The activist on social media has termed it collection of Shia database in Pakistan.

It is also confirmed that pro-Taliban takfiri terrorists collect data of Shia Muslims including doctors, professors, engineers, politicians through social media like Facebook twitter and other sources and commit Shia genocide across the country.

According to Wikileaks, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries are funding terrorists groups in Paksitan and Afghanistan. The memo was among those leaked by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, andappeared today in the British newspaper, The Guardian.

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