#Shiawarma Show

SHAFAQNA – A new political satire show, #Shiawarma is one to watch as it taps into a media vacuum and pretty much blows the cover out of the proverbial box. Meant to represent a side of the Shia Muslim community that do not often get airtime, The #Shiawarma Show is really a big push against Islamophobia, anti-Shi’ism, and the ridiculous notion that Shia Muslims are something to be feared.

In their own words:

A political satire show – with some serious content (meh not really) – discussing many issues – but all in complete depth! Hosted by me, and she, in the following stages:

Number 1 – Don’t take yourself so seriously
Number 2 – Stop looking in the mirror
Number 3 – We are all shia-cons!
Number 4 – Naa!!!!!!
Number 5 – That ain’t no Shinder!!

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