”our true enemy is the Zionist regime

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

Roman Catholic Church Bishop called Muslims and Christians to unity saying the US and Zionist regime are behind all events in the Middle East region.

Elie Hadda, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, met with Bassam Hamoud, member of the political bureau of Islamic Society in Southern Lebanon stressed solidarity as the most important necessity of the Muslims and Christians, reported Taqrib News Agency.

He said,” We are in a critical era when our most vital demand is to maintain our vigilance.” Adding,” We should not forget that our true enemy is the Zionist regime and that whatever happens in the Middle East region is to fuel sectarian intrigues in Lebanon and the whole region just to guarantee the interests of the Zionist regime and the US.”

Roman Catholic Church Bishop called all Christians, Shia and Sunni Muslims and all religious denominations to unite and confront the threats against Lebanon.

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