Top Jurisprudent slams silence on Al-Aqsa attack

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

A senior Iranian jurisprudent denounced Zionist attack agaisnt Al Aqsa Mosue calling all Muslims and Islamic bodies to unite agaisnt the Zionists.

Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, prominent Shia jurisprudent in his weekly teaching session in the holy city of Qom slammed Zionist invasion of Al Aqsa Mosque and Muslim prayers, reported Taqrib News Agency.

He highlighted the importance of Al Aqsa Mosque for the Muslims calling that the first praying direction of all Muslims and the place from which the ascension of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) happened.

Senior jurisprudent warned against the plots of the Zionists for Al Aqsa Mosque and denounced the threats of some Zionists for destruction of the holy site.

He said that the statement denouncing the recent invasion of the Zionists against the holy mosque and rejected any neutral stance against the desecration of this sacred place.

“Extremist Zionists have promoted their desecrating plans to the point that they demand for destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque for construction of their own praying site there.” said the cleric.

Top cleric extended his gratitude for the religious leaders who have clearly denounced the recent attacks against Al Aqsa Mosque and called all international bodies and Islamic organizations to react against the Zionists’ disrespect against this holy site and support the holy mosque whole heartedly.

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