Should human beings worry about material losses?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Ali (AS) who said: O’ the child of Adam (AS), do not regret about what you have lost, and by losing it, that thing will not be returned to you, when it is lost, this lost one, will never be returned to you. And do not be happy about what you have in your hands, and death will not allow it to remain in your hands. Therefore, whatever you have lost, will never come back, and whatever you have, will be lost. This subject refers to the points: All worldly things are between two facts either you lose them or they are taken from you. Therefore, think about things which will remain with you.

Imam Ali (AS) explained: The affairs of this world are between two very beautiful words, meaning death and lost. Things either will be taken away from you in this world, or no, they are not taken away, you are alive, but what will happen at the end? You will die and they are also taken away from you; and know this fact that no material thing remains with you. Therefore, do not worry about what you have lost and do not be happy about what you have; because in any case at the end nothing is left with you, and think about this point that you must attain things which will remain with you and you are able to take them with you (for the hereafter) and that is good deeds. So, do not be sad without any reason and do not lose your control as well as do not be overjoyed for whatever you have; because this also will not remain with you; be careful [1].

[1] Warram Collection, Vol. 2, Page 114.

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تمام امور دنیایی میان فوت وموت(کیمیای اخلاق)

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