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Since the beginning of the year 609000 displaced Iraqis have returned home

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SHAFAQNA – Relief Web  :  The returns process is ongoing and since the beginning of the year, 609,000 Iraqis have returned home, yet more than 2 million remain displaced as of May.

Between 30 April and 31 May, 119,000 Iraqis have returned home. Returns to Ninewa represented 83 per cent (99,000 people) of all Iraqis that returned in this period. This is in line with the overall 2018 returns trend by governorate, as out of total 609,000 returnees, 442,000 (73 per cent) returned to Ninewa governorate. Other governorates witness signicantly smaller number of returnees, for example the second largest governorate in number of returns was Salah al-Din, where 75,000 returns were recorded in 2018.

Displacement trend by governorate indicates that the rate of returns has slowed down. While the total number of displaced people continues to decrease, this is occurring at a slower rate. Between 30 April and 31 May, number of displaced decreased by some 60,000, while a month earlier number of displaced decreased by some 99,000.


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