Sinners can be forgiven by God

SHAFAQNA – In a Divine Narration, Allah (SWT) says: O’ My servants, whenever you are ashamed of Me, I will cover your faults from people, will wipe off your sins and mistakes from your records and on the Day of Judgment I will not make it hard for you at the time of looking into your account [1]. Kolayni narrated from Imam Sadeq (AS) who said: Allah (SWT) told Dawood (AS): O’ Dawood, give good news to sinners, and warn good-doers.

Dawood (AS) asked: How do I give good news to sinners and warn good-doers? Allah (SWT) replied: Give good news to sinners that I will accept their repentance and will forgive them and warn pious people that they should not be proud of their deeds because no servant of God will be saved if I am exact at the time of looking into his/her account (record) [2]

[1] Sokhane Khoda, Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Shirazi, Page 85.

[2] As above, page 87.

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