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Sit-in in front of the UAE embassy in London to protest against the arrest of three sisters

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – “UAE human rights,” calls on public to attend the sit-in in front of the UAE embassy in London to protest against the kidnapping of three sisters of prisoner of conscience Isa Khalifa Al Suwaidi on Monday, 23 February. UAE State Security had asked the three sisters for the purpose of investigation, they did not come back since Sunday (February 15), at the request of the security apparatus for the purpose of investigation.

Still the Place of abduction was not known for the three sisters their names, Asma ,Mariam, and Yazyeh Khalifa Al Suwaidi . Three sisters went to the police station, but did not return to the house and did not hear their families since then. Mothers received a brief phone call from someone who said he was from the “security apparatus” at 9:00 the next day, who told her: “Your daughters are fine,” he did not say anything more than that. Family believes that the sisters were not given access to a lawyer.And three sisters led a peaceful campaign for their brother, prisoner of conscience Dr. Issa Al Suwaidi, through social networking sites “Twitter”, drawing attention to the unfair trial and human rights violations that subject in the UAE.

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