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Slogan of Ashura in Bahrain “Karbala revolution of religion , Brain and volition”

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Islamic Enlightenment Society launched the slogan of Ashura  in Bahrain under the title “Karbala revolution of religion , Brain and volition”; came in the inauguration ceremony, with the participation of scientists and researchers, intellectuals and Radood Hosseinieh. Inauguration ceremony which was held at the headquarters of Society ,on 25 December 1435, corresponding to October 20, 2014 AD in the presence of elite .

The inauguration ceremony opening consist of speech of Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Ahmed Qassem, and poet Abdullah Qormazi , and poem Hussienieh attended by Abdul Ameer Beladi, ,and  preacher Mullah Ilyas Marzouq al-Husseini.

The Ayatollah Qassim said in his speech, that «the goals of Karbala are deep goal and comprehensive achievement for requirements of human happiness in his life in the present, and the life that is the pivot it inevitably after this life and all of our faith that after this life». The Ayatollah Qassim, said «revolution of Karbala revolution on lazy volition and dull with surrender on circumstances which the volition have to change, even on the long-term». Ayatollah Qassim, added «to Karbala deserving a lot from the nation. Let the Nations debate on where Karbala, and for whom it was , on what hand it was , and what the great imam gave to religion of the nation , and this nation itself and what he sacrificed for it? What followed the revolution of the effects and Barakat know yet what to give to the revolution of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him than who is going to represent something of the equivalent of that revolution and sacrifices, “

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