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Social justice

SHAFAQNA – If a society is just, surely it is also wise. Social justice is coordinated with collective wisdom. When Imam Ali (AS) was asked, what is justice? Imam (AS) replied: Justice is that when everyone places any right on its rightful place. Justice is a kind of engineering and architecture of a society. Everyone is placed in their own position; every official is placed in his/her own post, every word is said in its right place, every act is done in its right place, this is a good architecture, a good engineering.

Why do we feel secure in a well-built house? Because the bases, walls, doors and the ceilings are engineered. Imam Ali (AS) said: Justice is the architecture of the society; is the geometry of the society, and added: Justice is that you place everything in its proper place. Any word must be said in its right place because if the word is improper, is hurtful and if the proper words are not used, it does not feel right. Imam Ali (AS) was asked: Who is wise? Imam (AS) replied: The one, who carries out every task in its place, speaks in its place, writes in its place; his/her behaviour, speech, writing, standing and sitting are in their proper places.

Translated from parts of the speech by the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli.

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